5 Secrets To Securing Your Dream Job

Here’s something you may not know about Ben Cooley….

Ben Cooley LOVES interviewing people.

I absolutely love it.

I love the process of identifying the right people. I am passionate about a thorough and complete interview. If you have interviewed alongside me or been interviewed by me, you will know exactly how passionate I am about interviewing.

I could quite happily grill someone for 2 or 3 hours to see if these people display the Hope for Justice DNA.

Here, I wanted to take a moment to share what I look for when I am interviewing someone, and I am sure in speaking with leaders from other businesses and organisations, this is also why they are looking for.

So, I hope this blog helps you if you are looking to advance your career and as a part of that you have to experience an interview, that these are some useful pointers to help you grow.

Here are my top five tips from what I have learned in job interviews:

1. Appearance matters.

If I was you, I would do an internet search for the organisation you are applying to join. Hope for Justice is a suit type of organisation. We wear suits. I’m just saying, if you are ever thinking of applying for a job with Hope for Justice, you should definitely turn up to the interview in a suit. And a tie. 

But if you are turning up to Google, don’t turn up in a suit and a tie. Dress like them. 

Find out what they dress like. And dress like them. Because your vibe attracts your tribe. Dress like your tribe.

If they are shorts and T Shirts people and you turn up in a suit, they are going to think “he ain’t our tribe”.

Dress like them.

2. Find out what the company does

I know this sounds absolutely fundamental, but the amount of times I have been in an interview and I have asked the interviewee, “do you know what Hope for Justice does?” and they respond with a long pause and a “erm….uh….erm.”

It. Is. Going. To. Be. Asked.

Every time…in an interview…you are going to be asked what the organisation does. You are going to be asked why you want to work for the organisation.

My top tip? Have an answer.

Show your passion for the company. If you are not passionate for the company going in, then why would they hire you?

I love that phrase ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Prepare an answer.

3. Don’t oversell yourself, but don’t undersell yourself either.

There are many people who come for interviews and they don’t have the experience we are looking for, but they are the TYPE of person we are looking for.

And I am completely willing to invest in people, if they are the RIGHT people.

Character has a high value.

But, here’s the thing. Don’t oversell yourself.

Don’t be sitting there saying “I’ve got all the skills that you need” when we are looking at your C.V. or your resume and we can see you don’t.

Approach the interview with humility.

Come in and show the passion you have but recognise you may need a little help to be the exact right fit.

4. Don’t pester the HR team

In the anticipation of the interview, don’t keep emailing the HR team (or any member of the team for that matter!) …“Did you get my CV?” “When’s the interview?” “Do you think I have a chance?”

I understand that you are keen. But try to contain your keenness.

Because it is talked about before you arrive for the interview. It is flagged up if you were a little bit pushy, or rude, or over zealous.

Remember, every part of the process is talked about. When you speak to the receptionist, she will feed back to the HR team. Everything speaks.

5. Be you.

Being you is the best gift you can be to the world.

Be authentic to who you are.

Yes, nerves are going to play a part but try as much as you are able to manage those.

But don’t let nerves get in the way of you being you.

Express yourself. Express your true passion.

Employing these five tips won’t guarantee you the job, but they will guarantee you present yourself in a way that you are proud of and you can be sure you gave it your best shot.